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matterport 3D Service Provider


Dexterity Creative Solutions is a matterport 3d Service Provider. We have the proper tools to deliver matterport 3D products to you next day!

Introduction to matterport


The days of the old school “Panoramic Tours” are over.

Surprisingly inexpensive, matterport 3D virtual tours are fully immersive virtual 3D tours for real estate that have tremendous benefit for potential buyers.

Matterport virtual tours are not warped photos like those old  panorama pictures that are on many listings. This new 3D technology costs LESS and is much more effective. Not only are these virtual tours helping sell homes, they are also helping realtors get listings.

Using Matterport virtual tours is proven to make a realtor stand out from the competition

matterport 3D Tours


While capturing color and depth, our new 3-D virtual tours allow you to  explore a property like never before! matterport 3D spaces are digitally  recreated and transformed into a 3-D virtual environment, which gives  online buyers a perspective that feels so real, it’s like being there in  person. That means anyone can have an open house experience from  anywhere. Features include:   

  • Dollhouse and Floorplan view
  • Take matterport into your next listing presentation with 3D Showcase App for IOS click here for free download
  • Can be viewed with Virtual Reality gear  click here to learn more
  • Immersive walkthrough technology, it’s like having an open house 24/7
  • 3-D interactive experience
  • Interactive floor plan/dollhouse views
  • Annotate key features with MatterTags
  • Link to external content such as neighborhood statitics 
  • Includes 1 year of hosting

Add value using matterport 3D Tours


  • Sell context of a listing with Matterport “Mattertags”.
  • Create social media content from your Matterport virtual tour. 
  • Automatically have your Matterport virtual tour show up on

Options Available


  • Immersive 3d experience for your clients
  • matterport Tags to display relevant information about the property and link to external sources such as neighborhood statistics
  • Dollhouse view
  • Floorplan View
  • Multi floor support
  • 360 photos available for outside shots
  • Schematic Floor Plans make great collateral for property marketing, as  well as a useful add-on for new homeowners.